Do you make stock picks, Shlionz?

No, I don’t. I will however provide charts showing potential breakout patterns that you could consider taking advantage of.

Do you recommend stocks?

No, I don’t. I’m not a broker or seer. I evaluate stocks from Bursa Malaysia every day or week and then share my analysis. From there, you take my information and apply it to your style or method.

Do you guarantee predictions?

No. I guarantee that you will receive at least actionable, accurate, and reliable data.

Do you have a video series?

Yes, and more videos are being planned, created, and produced as we speak.

Do you have any e-books?

They are being planned and will be made available.

Do you have Twitter?

@Shlionz_ – it’s where I demystify classical charting 140 characters at a time and random event-based rants.

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